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In May 2011 a group of volunteers created the Association Castelos do Sal, a non-profit association whose main goal is meeting the basic needs of children and young people in the areas of education, health and nutrition.

Castelos do Sal has initiated several projects in the tourist town of Santa Maria, namely The fight against child begging which aims to reduce or eliminate the number of children who beg, Water for Everyone (a project funded by one of our partners, CapeVerdeKids2Care4 - a UK based charity) which consisted of placing a water tank of 3000 litres in an extremely economically deprived community with a huge lack of access to basic conditions and The Volunteer Program, which gives anybody interested the opportunity to get involved in our work and help us to advance our mission.

Finally we initiated the project Reino da Brincadeira (in partnership with our UK based partners CapeVerdeKids2Care4). This is one of our latest projects which started in January 2012 and has already shown positive results. It activities are carried out at the Association premises which were kindly donated to us by Sal City Hall.

This project offers a space where children feel welcome, respected and motivated and provides a safe environment which, in turn contributes to the physical and mental well-being of each child as well as their personal and social development.

We are currently working with 32 children but we plan to reach 60 children in total in the near future.

All activities are designed with the purpose of opening horizons and empowering the children and preparing them so that they will develop into responsible adults capable of building a promising future for themselves.

 Castelos do Sal
Every week we follow the same routine; our children know that they will be welcomed by our childminder, Auntie Dina and her big kind smile, who teaches them things as simple as washing their hands and face upon arrival, talking to them about the importance of hygiene, and when necessary, gives a simple manicure and pedicure to those who do not look after their hands and feet at home. They simply LOVE being looked after in any way!

Thanks to all our friends and volunteers. Our children know that every day they will be given breakfast and a hot meal in the afternoon. Nutritious meal plans are drawn up and change every two weeks to ensure the kids have a healthy balanced diet. The meals are prepared in the association kitchen by our volunteers and staff.

We also have our beloved Portuguese teacher, a volunteer who has come from Portugal to join us on our mission and to help the children develop and reinforce their educational skills. Being a good student is the basis for a good future as well as an increased employment opportunity; therefore, we want our children to be serious students.

Another important member of our team is our psychologist who gives psychological support to our children and their parents. Psychological counselling inane of our most popular services offered to the community, with many people asking for help, guidance and advice at different levels.

Every Tuesday and Saturday. our volunteer Jose Undo, donates his time to teach arts and crafts to the children. This is a time of great fun where the children can play and learn at the same time by using a variety of different materials. The results of this activitiy have been wonderful. We now have great little artists!

 Castelos do Sal
In addition to these activities we also offer Capoeira as a sports activity, as well as English lessons, guitar lessons and private tutoring for those who need that extra attention.

The project "Reino da Brincadeira" is also designed to intervene in the area of health. Having signed protocols with the two private clinics here on Sal, we offer the children free access to health services, medical consultations, tests and medications. Twice a week, we identify children from our group to go and pays visit to the doctor. After every visit they come out feeling empowered and good about themselves. Our team are extremely happy with what we have achieved so far and we know that the work we have done is valued immensely by the families of Santa Maria and by the institutions that support us.

The sustainability of the Association would not have been possible without the help and support from our partners, the local community and our fantastic expat community who are continuously working hard to organise fundraising events in order to keep our doors open.

We are aware that there is still a lot of work to be done and with a little help and support from each and every one of you, Castelos do Sal will be able to take in another 30 children (60 children maximum) who will benefit from our projects and the services we offer.

 Castelos do Sal

Castelos do Sal is supported solely through donations: money, food, clothing and educational materials are always very welcome and are distributed accordingly to the families and children in need.

Como ajudar Castelos do Sal:
Vamos contribuir pars que todos possam construir o seu Castelo.
Contacte a nossa equipa, venha visitar-nos para conhecer o nosso trabalho e ajude-nos a cumprir os objectivos a que nos propomos.

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Travessa da Fabrica,
Santa Maria,
ilha do Sal,
Cabo Verde

Contact: 9797704 (english) 9781026 (portuguese)

Email: castelosdosal@hotmail.com or info@castelosdosal.com
Website: www.castelosdosal.com
Facebook: Castelos do Sal
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