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The crystal clear waters around the islands make for some of the most amazing all year round diving in the world. The archipelago is surrounded by reefs and boasts many PADI accredited dive schools. Due to these perfect conditions, marine life in Cape Verde is rich and very varied; divers can expect to see several species of sharks, including cat sharks, tiger sharks, lemon sharks, mako and sometimes hammerhead sharks. The varieties of fish include puffer fish, rock fish, bream, trumpet fish, moray eels, manta rays, lobsters and huge tuna.

Cape Verde has four different species of turtle, and divers often have the pleasure of swimming with them and dolphins. During March and April, humpback and grey whales can be seen as they pass the islands on their migration path.

On Sal there are many diving schools and they have dozens of different dive sites to offer, including caves, shipwrecks, rocky platforms and sandy drop offs, a truly magical underwater world.

If you would like to take the PADI Scuba Diver International Certification, you can do this at one of the dive schools based on Sal. This will enable you to have an internationally recognised licence to dive which can be used worldwide.

There are many other diving courses available, please contact one of the dive centres to find out more.
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