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Getting around Cape Verde

There are a few small airlines that fly between the islands. Some islands are served by ferries, notably twice daily ferry crossings between San Vicente - Mindelo and Santo Antão.

Most of the islands have at least a small airstrip and there are inter island flights between all islands except Brava, Santa Antao and Santa Luiza, which are served by boats.

Car hire can be a good way of getting around the islands and is available from most larger towns, do remember that you drive on the right hand side of the road, and you will require an international driving licence.

Getting around Cape Verde
There are also taxis on the larger islands and aluguers which are generally a type of pick up truck or mini bus. These are generally shared with other passengers, and all you need to do is shout when you want to get off. Do make sure you negotiate the price before setting off.

The cheapest way to travel is via public buses which are cheap and reliable.
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