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Each island has its own personality and character traits. There is an island to suit everyone in the Cape Verdean archipelago. 

Sal is an island for the beach lover who can sunbathe, windsurf, kitesurf, go swimming or scuba diving and go deep-sea fishing. Sal is not an island for mountain walkers though, or for those who love plenty of greenery, it is a dry, flat island, with a special charm that has those who visit wanting to return again and again. 

Boa Vista has fabulous empty beaches with dunes, an island which is considered one of the best for windsurfing. Again, a relatively flat island so not for those who want to go mountain walking, but do walk on Boa Vista where you will see turtles, along with various species of bird.

Santo Antão is an astonishing island due to its rugged peaks and canyons which make it one of the world's most amazing landscapes. With volcanic walls, roads at the top of 1000 metre high ridges, this is THE island for hiking what are known as the "ribeiras".

Santiago is an island of contrasts, with mountains and fertile valleys in its centre and beautiful beaches along the coast. Santiago is home to the original capital of Cape Verde, Ribeira Grande, and the historical town of Cidade Velha is well worth a visit along with Praia.

Maio is a very peaceful island with none of the facilities of Sal, it is the quiet in fact that attracts people to this island. It is not an island for walking, but there are stunning white beaches where you can see turtles in the summer.

Fogo is a fascinating island as it is a still active volcano which rises from the sea into the clouds above. This is an island made for hiking, but its beaches are few and nowhere near as good as some of the other islands.

Brava which means "wild" island lives up to its name at first sight. Once further into the island, it proves to be a fertile region filled with vegetation. An island to be enjoyed for its walking and for its peacefulness, but not for beach pursuits.

São Vicente is an island with a superb capital city - Mindelo which is known for educating many Cape Verdean philosophers and writers. The island holds two of the best festivals, one in February, the other in August. There is a top quality harbour and anchorage in Mindelo for those who arrive by yacht, and the area is known to be the place to go for ship repair.

São Nicolau is the perfect island for lovely walks, for fishing for blue marlin and for peace and quiet. São Nicolau is home to the dragon tree known locally as dragoeiro, it is an endangered species and it is said can live for 1,000 years. Its "blood" is used in grogue, a drink made throughout the islands which is a major part of the Cape Verdean way of life.
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