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The conditions in the archipelago are excellent for all wind based water sports due to the winter trade wind belt. There are now many companies offering tuition for those needing lessons or equipment hire of the highest standard to meet the demands of the most seasoned windsurfer.

The best months are November to June and wind sport enthusiasts are pretty much guaranteed to be out on the water every day.

The great attraction of Sal, apart from the wind, is the variety of conditions available making it a windsurfers paradise. An ideal spot to learn to windsurf on Sal is Santa Maria Bay which has over 3kms of sandy beach and rock/reef free waters. For the more experienced seeking more of an adrenalin rush, try Ponta Preta which is on the rougher west coast of Sal, the waves here are much bigger and break onto a stony shore line.

Here are some of the best places for windsurfing on Sal:

Canoa, Sal - In Murdeira Bay close to Rife, Canoa is the easiest and safest spot of Sal. The wind is along and slightly off the beach, waves are small and easy to surf, no difficult shorebreak. This easy riding spot is ideal for all riders.

Albatros, (Ponta Leme), Santa Maria, Sal - On Santa Maria Beach is also an easy spot. The sea is generally calm and the wind is constant and along the shore or slightly offshore. When the swell is from the south, it creates a long wave, safe and easy to ride.

Santa Maria: East End - East of the bay of Santa Maria. It's possible to start from Albatros beach. The wind is along the shore or slightly onshore. The wave is easy to ride, but far from the point, there's a risk of strong current, with a lack of wind and big swell.

Ponta Preta (near the Rui), Sal - This is for experts - has big waves and light to gusty wind.

São Pedro in the south western part of São Vicente is now gaining a reputation as being one of the best in the world and is starting to attract international champions because of its strong and steady wind which makes world windsurfing speed records achievable. There is also another great windsurfing spot in the bay of Mindelo, with an average wind speed of 16 knots, sometimes reaching 30.

Kite surfing is a harder sport to master than windsurfing and involves learning how to enter and leave the water on the board. Most schools have courses for beginners which involve beach training before moving into the water. Again Santa Maria Bay on Sal is a good place to learn. For the more experienced kite surfer, equipment hire is available on the larger islands, but conditions mean a good level of experience is required.

Salinas (Kite Beach) is 5 minutes from Santa Maria. This is an easy beach which is good for learners. The beach is very long so the sea is never too crowded. There are no dangerous currents and the coral reef creates an easy wave for safe waveriding. The wind is along the shore to slightly onshore, coming from the left and steady most of the time.
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